Uma is one of the main antagonist of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants 2. She is the daughter of Ursula. She is jealous of Mal because she and the other VKs were selected to go to Auradon and not her.

She is portrayed by China Anne McClain, who also voiced Freddie Facilier in the first season of Descendants: Wicked World.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Uma is a african american girl with turquoise dreadlocks and sky blue-painted nails. She wears a cyan leather dress with muti-colored bands on the skirt and a drawing of her symbol (a skull with a cyan headband surrounded by turquoise tentacles, a black sword and a black trident), a turquoise leather coat with golden details and muti-colored bands. Her acessories consists of a black pirate hat with brown details, seashells, sea-stars and her golden pirate gang's symbol pin, her mother's seashell necklace, black fingerless gloves with sea-stars, a sky blue bracelet with golden spikes, two pearl bracelets and brown boots with seashells, pearls, sea-stars, brown, purple and black belts and her golden pirate gang's symbol pin.